Bad Data | How I Archive Everything


Bad Data | How I Archive Everything

My name is Dakota and I have a problem.

While writing this I realized that what I do is more of a common phenomena than I thought.


I now know that the urge to collect data and keep it indefinitely is something millions of people do! This includes business.

In the business world this is called Big Data. It is how corporations track what you like, do, and  interested in so they can market to you.


Creepy Huh? Check this video out.

  That guy sounded nice....

Anyways!  This is about how I collect and hoard data.

Well Everything I do is saved, backed up, and able to be searched.

As I explained in Problem With Data   I store a plethora of images, videos, and random media. In fact I need over  40 terabytes of space to contain it all!

To break that down:
4Mb is the size of a photo
4GB is around 1000 Songs
40GB – 10 Full HD 2-Hour Movies
1000GB is = 1 Terabyte
1 Terabyte = 2 Million Photos

I have 40 Terabytes of storage.

80 Million Photos? Nope.

A breakdown of my stroage vault:
<100Gb = Documents ( Word/PDF/Excel)
500Gb = Music
900gb ~<1Tb = Photos
10-12Tb= Movies/Video(Media)
That equals to around 13.6 TB of storage that is my everyday media use.

Now for the fun part!

Remaining is just over 26 Terabytes to play with. Well I download everything I can. Literally.

I have a server named “Columbus” that actively goes on the internet and downloads and saves entire websites at a time!  Images/Articles/PDfs… everything.

Something I found.

From Mon Mar  1 13:22:07 1993
Subject: Re: Mystery of the killer towels 
In-Reply-To: Your message of "Sun, 28 Feb 93 23:43:31 PST."
Status: O

Terry - 

Here's the reference you wanted:

JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), Nov. 11, 1988,
p. 2697, "Soda Pop Vending Machine Injuries".

[Following summary by Jeremy Elson]


Do not ignore this piece of advice!  Attempting to obtain a free
drink by rocking the machine back and forth can result in serious
personal injury or death!  An article in the Journal of the
American Medical Association (Nov. 11, 1988, p. 2697) documents 15
cases in which men trying to get a can out of the machine were
crushed.  3 died, the other 12 required hospitalization for
injuries such as fractures of the skull, toe, ankle, tibia, femur,
and pelvis; intercerebral bleeding; knee contusion; and one
punctured bladder.  The article states that because the sodas are
located in the upper half of the machine (so that they can fall
into the dispensing slot), the center of gravity of the machine is
abnormally high and the machine will fall after it has been tipped
only 20 degrees, a deceptively small angle.  A large, fully loaded
machine can weigh in excess of 1000 pounds.  I strongly advocate
the policy whereby all Juice Machines must display the label
"WARNING: Tipping this machine or any other unstable object
weighing in excess of 1000 pounds onto yourself can result in
serious bladder injury or death."

This was an email that was sent over 23 years ago! There are millions of these simply sitting on the internet.

Have you ever need a technical writeup on a 25-year-old hard drive?


                         SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY, INC.
       Customer Technical Support FAX Network +1 408 438-8137
     Customer Technical Support Bulletin Boards (300-9600, 8-N-1)
і United States    +1 408 438-8771 і  United Kingdom +44 628 478011  і
і Germany         +49  89 140-9331 і  Singapore      +65   227-2217  і
                            (C)opyright 1991

ST-8851K (97209-850) Sabre 4

                       97209-850 Sabre 4

       UNFORMATTED CAPACITY _____________________851
       FORMATTED CAPACITY (xx SECTORS) __________
       AVERAGE SECTORS PER TRACK (with spares)___
       ACTUATOR TYPE ____________________________STRAIGHT ARM
       TRACKS ___________________________________
       CYLINDERS ________________________________1,381
       HEADS ____________________________________15
       DISCS (8 in) _____________________________9
       MEDIA TYPE _______________________________THIN FILM
       HEAD TYPE ________________________________THIN FILM
       RECORDING METHOD _________________________RLL (2,7)
       EXTERNAL TRANSFER RATE (mbytes/sec) ______2.46
       SPINDLE SPEED (RPM) ______________________3,600
       AVERAGE LATENCY (mSEC) ___________________8.33
       BUFFER ___________________________________
       INTERFACE ________________________________IPI-2
       BYTES PER TRACK __________________________41,088
       SECTORS PER DRIVE ________________________
       BYTES PER CYLINDER _______________________616,320
       TPI (TRACKS PER INCH) ____________________1,089
       BPI (BITS PER INCH) ______________________19,816
       AVERAGE ACCESS (ms) ______________________15
       SINGLE TRACK SEEK (ms) ___________________4
       MAX FULL SEEK (ms) _______________________30
       MTBF (power-on hours) Class A Room _______100,000
       MTBF (power-on hours) Office _____________100,000
       POWER DISSIPATION (watts/BTU) ____________95/324.2
       USER MANUAL PART NUMBER __________________83326010
       OTHER ____________________________________Dual Access,
        Synchronized Spindles, Sweep Cycle Capability

                        Height (inches/mm):     4.75/120.65
                        Width  (inches/mm):     8.50/216
                        Depth  (inches/mm):     14.7/373.38
                        Weight    (lbs/kg):     32/15

Seagate reserves the right to change, without notice, product
offerings or specifications. (10/23/91)

Oh the ST-8851K (97209-850) Sabre 4 how I remember thee.

Not really but this information is all able to be searched against.

Gather enough data and relationships begin to form. Who was who. Chain of command. Did this company work with this other company?

Since the internet is infinitely large there is an infinite amount of information out there.

Everyday check I go out and add Tb of storage to the server to make sure it can expand with the volume it is collecting.

I plan on making the data I collect public. I want to create the ability to search against it and map relationships.

This may be the start of Skynet.

My goal is to create a system that can perform open source intelligence all in one pretty little package.


Search: Dakota Watkins

Address: **********

Age: *********

Family: ********

Social Media:******

Phone Number: ********

Gather more information? Y/N...... ______


Have anything you would like to give to the archive?


Dakota Watkins
I am a security professional & Motorcycle Enthusiast in Detroit Michigan

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